Residential Installation

Residential Installation

Your home speaks volumes about you. And how it looks can either add value or decrease it. In days gone by, when homeowners wanted to make improvements, they chose indoor upgrades, such as home theaters, man-caves, and kitchen renovations.

Not anymore. With so many people spending so much time indoors, it seems Mother Nature decided to fight back. More and more people are rediscovering the relaxation and enjoyment of the great outdoors. Beat the heat with ceiling fans and water misters and nip the chill with fire features. Then gather your friends and family to enjoy life in your outdoor wonderland.

At North Georgia Landscape Management (NGLM), we can make your outdoor dreams a reality.

Whether you are looking for a complete makeover or want to focus on one area—or anything in between—NGLM is the team you can trust to deliver.

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Expand Your Home with an Outdoor Room

There’s no need to tear down walls to add living space. No other home improvement adds to the value and beauty of your home like an outdoor room.

Go ahead—imagine your new outdoor space. Would you like a breathtaking garden with ornamentals and colorful flowers surrounding you? Fancy a vegetable and herb garden? Are you considering trees and ground cover?

Take it farther. Are you picturing hanging out with your kids while roasting marshmallows in a stone firepit? Consider the joy of walking a paved path that leads to a hidden sanctuary in your backyard. Or maybe your cup of tea would be best served on a porch swing while you inhale the scent of lavender and hear trickling water as you gaze at butterflies attracted to the nectars of your garden?

At NGLM, we can make this—and much more—a reality. We can help you choose the perfect elements and materials to build floors, walls, ceilings, and borders that complement each other and make your garden more dazzling.

Our award-winning team of expert landscape architects and horticulturists specialize in design and construction. With over 17 years of experience, we can take your ideas, add in our creativity and innovation, and design your fantasy landscape.

This enticing extension to your home will become your go-to place for entertaining guests, enjoying family time, and privately retreating to relax and enjoy.

Landscape Construction

While living things such as flowers and trees add beauty to your landscape, the construction defines it. Done right, construction pulls you in from an observer to a participant. It makes the garden functional and brings continuity.

Landscape construction is called hardscape. These are the features that add to nature but are put together by hand. They do not grow and are not alive. This could be as simple as a trellis or gazebo, or it could be multiple enhancements that encompass your yard. No matter what hardscapes you chose, you can be certain they will add to the value, beauty, and enjoyment of your property.

Some hardscape options to consider:

  • Fire features

Fire features are gaining in popularity for good reasons. Any camper can tell you there is nothing better than sitting around a fire roasting hot dogs and telling stories—especially on a chilly night. The options are limitless when it comes to size and dimensions for a fire pit. You can choose anything from a bowl to a fire table or anything in between. Another option is a fire ring—and we can make it big enough for the entire family to enjoy. Material for your fire feature can include concrete, wood, or stone, and it can be wood-burning or gas.

We can help you with all the decisions, including what material is best, optimum size, and how to handle seating.

  • Water features

Love the relaxing sound of trickling water? Would you like to be submerged in water while you hear it? With so many choices, the hardest part will be deciding what you like best. Options include fountains, ponds, water walls, pools, spas, and waterfalls.

  • Outdoor kitchen

Discover the appeal of an outdoor kitchen, where for some reason, the company is more enjoyable, and the food tastes better.

Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a hibachi grill with a table and chairs, or as elaborate as any indoor kitchen. Depending on certain factors, not the least of which is your budget, we can even add a dishwasher, wet bar, and pizza oven for you. Never call for take-out again.

  • Dividers

Enclose your kitchen with a low retaining wall that also adds seating. Create a new space with a gazebo. Cover your outdoor retreat with a pergola. 

Most dividers are comprised of brick, stone, masonry, or wood.

  • Outdoor lighting

Enjoy your landscape after the sun goes down. In fact, often your property is more enticing, relaxing, and even romantic when properly lit at night. You can also use lights as a safety feature, such as a warning for stairs or a water feature.

With the many options available, you can set the mood and tone you desire. Tiki torches, candles, lanterns, hanging lights, wall lights, lamps, and even colored or flashing lights.

  • Other ideas for hardscape include:

Patios, walkways, decks, dry creeks, irrigation systems, erosion control systems, benches, flagstone, driveways, paver stones, arbors, and fencing.

Our Award-Winning Team

At NGLM, our entire team is committed to your 100 percent satisfaction. Our aim is unparalleled service that makes the customer top priority. We take on one construction project at a time so we can devote our attention fully on you.

Our team of horticulturists and landscape architects is led by Ed Szczesniak of Georgian Landscape Design. He boasts over 17 years of experience and is licensed by the state of Georgia in landscape design and construction. He and the team are highly trained and qualified to oversee your entire project from beginning to end and beyond. Their goal is to be responsive to all your needs and completely please you with the entire process and outcome.

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And once you have your beautiful property, let us take away your stress of keeping it beautiful. Ask us about our landscape management program.

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