Commercial Installation

Commercial Installation

Did you know your landscape speaks volumes about your business? When it’s well-designed and maintained, landscape adds value to your business and community. It can improve profits by attracting customers and visitors—who then bring in more customers when they refer friends and family to your beautiful business. It can even attract employees. Who wouldn’t love a great view to look at all day at work?

At North Georgia Landscape Management (NGLM), we have the expertise, knowledge, and innovation it takes to bring your business to the next level through stunning, creative, and functional landscape. Our award-winning designer can build whatever you desire for your business, whether it is to address a problem area, enhance and highlight the entrance, add an outdoor lounge area, or complete an entire makeover.

Your customized design will incorporate any preferences or unique requirements you have. Our team will then plan and build, adding value and beauty to your property. We will complete your project on time and within budget, and you can be involved as little or as much as you like.

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The Functionality of Landscape Design

Commercial landscape design done right is a perfect blend of form and function. Not only does it enhance your business and make it more appealing, but it can showcase your brand and increase profits.

When you understand your brand, the image you want to portray, and the customers you want to attract, a vision is formed. At NGLM, we can help you understand your vision and bring it to life in your business through landscape design.

Think of it this way: If you wanted to go shopping in an outdoor mall, would you pick the one with boring, unkempt landscape and nowhere to escape the heat? Or would you choose the one that is not only well-ordered and pleasing to the eye but invites you to take a rest on one of the benches under a big shade tree?

If you want to portray a peaceful, soothing image, we can help you with features like a Zen garden, a water feature with the sounds of rain, and a paved path that leads to a private retreat. If you want to let customers know you are focused on sustainability, you may prefer colorful wildflowers and native grasses. If your image is one of fun, you could have lawn games and a dancing water fountain, or even a play area for the kids.

If your desire is for your customers to engage with your business, you can encourage them to linger by giving them a feast for their senses. Think colorful flowers that attract birds and butterflies with low walls for seating and fountains. A fire pit surrounded by an outdoor lounge area allows them a place to soak in pleasure. If you want to keep them moving, you may prefer walkways surrounded by trees and ornamentals.

Our Award-Winning Team

Headed by Ed Szczesniak of Georgian Landscape Design, our highly knowledgeable and experienced award-winning team can bring your brand to life. Licensed by the state of Georgia in landscape design and construction, Ed has over 17 years of experience. He and his team are extremely qualified to oversee your entire project from initial consultation to the impressive result and beyond. They will ensure you are 100 percent pleased with the process and outcome.

The entire team is devoted to customer service. Our priority is to make each customer our top priority. How do we do that? By only taking on one project at a time so we can focus completely on pleasing you. This also allows us to be attentive and responsive to your needs, desires, and wants.

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What can we do for you?

The NGLM team of horticulturists and landscape architects can take care of any landscape vision you have. Need help figuring out your vision? We can help with that too.

Are you ready to let us help you achieve the image you are looking for with your property? It all starts with a simple phone call. We will set up your free consultation at a convenient time for you.

Once we walk your property and know your vision, brand, and budget, we can help with decisions on what to plant, such as ornamentals, shrubs, trees, sod, and flowers. We also help you with hardscape considerations. Hardscapes are all the manmade parts of landscape that enhance the beauty and function. This includes water features, arbors, retaining walls, walkways, paver paths, gazebos, fire features, lighting, irrigation, and all things involving stonework and masonry.

We then create a customized topographical or digital design that includes proper spacing, orientation, and distribution of plantings and hardscapes. Once you accept our proposal, we get to work building a landscape that will be the talk of the community.

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