Q. Does well-designed landscaping add to the value of and help sell my home??

A. Realtors and appraisers agree beautiful landscaping helps homes sell faster and for more money. In fact, it can increase the value of your property as much as 15-20 percent.

Q. Does landscaping do more than make my home beautiful?

A. Trees and plants produce oxygen and absorb pollutants and carbon dioxide. Did you know that life couldn’t exist without the oxygen trees produce? In addition, efficient landscaping offers shade and keeps temperatures down in the summer and provides wind protection in the winter. These can reduce energy costs by up to 20 percent. 

Q. During the summer, how much water does my lawn require?

A. It takes approximately one inch of water per week to keep your turf healthy. This can be from any combination of rain, your sprinkler, and an irrigation system. 

Q. How important is mulch?

A. Aside from adding to the aesthetics of your landscaping, when done correctly, mulch offers many benefits. It suppresses weeds, retains moisture, reduces runoff, and regulates temperatures by insulating the soil. Also, as it decays, it supplies the soil with rich organic material. But beware, as incorrect mulching can cause more harm than good. 

Q. How can I know if my mulching is correct?

A. The best way is to hire us! At North Georgia Landscape Management, we are highly experienced and knowledgeable about all things mulch. You want the best mulch, the optimal depth, and the correct perimeter depending on if you are adding mulch to ornamentals, evergreens, shrubs, or annual or perineal flowers.

Q. What will it cost me to hire your company?

A. It all depends on the services you want. We offer several maintenance programs to choose from. Also, there can be large differences between a maintenance program and designing all new landscaping, especially if you want to include hardscapes. But you can rest assured you will get your money’s worth. We are trained, licensed, and fully insured. Call today for a free quote.

Q. What is hardscape?

A. Basically, it is anything that adds to your landscape and is not alive. Hardscape can include rocks, water features, retaining walls, decks, gazebos, driveways, pavers for patios or paths, and even outdoor kitchens.

Q. How and when should shrubs be pruned?

A. Any diseased or damaged branches and limbs should be pruned. You want to prune most ornamentals and flowering shrubs after blooming but before the next year’s buds set. Another reason to prune is to maintain a pleasing shape. Hand pruning is recommended over shearing. For the most part, North Georgia Landscape Management hand prunes.

Q. How many trees should my property have?

A. This varies widely, depending on the size of your property and the types of trees you want to plant. The first considerations are the height of the mature tree and how much space will be needed for its roots. You will want to plant a tree at least as far from your house as the height the tree will become. You also want to make sure there will be enough space for the roots without the interference of things like sidewalks, driveways, buildings, etc. If the size of your property allows it, you may want to consider one large tree on the north, east, and west sides of your property for optimum shade and wind protection.

Q. How do I know what kinds of trees, shrubs, ornamentals, and flowers to plant?

A. We can help you design the landscaping perfect for you and your home. We consider many factors, including soil, your color preferences, your budget, and how much maintenance you want or don’t want. For instance, native plants will be easier to maintain and usually cost less, whereas the more exotic will cost more and require more maintenance.